Sue Hansraj, General Manager


SUE HANSRAJ has multiple management skills, covering quality assurance, programme development, training, customer services and a proven track record during her 23 year’s experience in the security Industry.  Her major strengths include strong leadership, skills and compliance in the regulated security environment.  Sue boasts a successful record of accomplishments.

Sue has previously held positions with major National Security Companies in Durban/Natal – as well as internationally-Cisco Security Singapore based in South Africa.  Sue has been with Guarding South Africa for the past 8 years and is currently employed in the capacity of General Manager.

Bernardo Luis, Director


BERNARDO LUIS served in the SAPS for 10 years and during this time was renowned for dealing with serious and violent crime and bringing the perpetrators to book. He was based at the Durban Murder and Robbery Unit which specialised in armed (firearm) robbery and murder in both domestic and business premises.

The cash in transit heists were also investigated by Bernardo’s team. Bernardo received various commendations as well as the prestigious SA Police Star for Merit and Bravery.

Reg Horne, Managing Director


Before moving into the private sector, REG HORNE gained thirteen years experience in the South African Police Service (SAPS). Reg completed the SAPS Advanced Detective Course and applied his expertise in criminal investigation in the Serious and Violent Crimes Unit.

On recognizing the growing demand in the private sector for an investigations service that could fill the gap between the service the SAPS were able to provide, and the service that the market actually needed, Reg established Justicia Investigations in 1992.

Reg’s further vision to include role players within an organisation to acknowledge and evaluate their own risk factors, where the honest could be a mechanism to act against the dishonest without fear of reprisal, led to the establishment of Whistle Blowers (Pty) Ltd in 2000.

Conrad van der Merwe, Director: Regional


CONRAD VAN DER MERWE joined the South African Police Force in 1985 and served in the Dog Unit and the Detective Branch. He was subsequently selected to join the National Intelligence Service where his outstanding skills set the foundation for him to become Project Manager of Covert Structure in ’94, and then Specialist Covert Collector in sensitive covert operations.

In 1999 Conrad joined Justicia Investigations and holds the position of Regional Director: Gauteng and Freestate.

Christelle Horne, Director: Finance & Administration


A stickler for quality assurance, CHRISTELLE HORNE initially trained and qualified in a medical discipline. After nine years in the forensic pharmacy environment, Christelle took up a position within the Group, assisting with the establishment of the Call Centre in 1999 and formulating standard operating procedures for the company to work towards ISO accreditation.

As Director: Finance and Administration, Christelle manages the quality assurance and group administration portfolios. Call centre standards, including the protection of the whistleblower and conformance with the Protected Disclosures Act, falls within her portfolio.

Frans van Biljon, Polygraphist


FRANS VAN BILJON worked in the South African Police Services for a period of twelve years, ending his police career as a Captain after spending several years as a forensic fieldworker. He completed a National Diploma in Police Administration and received specialised training with the SA Criminal Bureau as a fingerprint expert, police photographer, video operator and plan drawer.

Frans received further training with the American International Institute of Polygraph and successfully completed the academic and practical requirement of the Professional examiner Training Programme for Psychophysiological Detection of Deception.

Andre Visser, Manager: Undercover Agents


ANDRE VISSER served in the South African Police Service for 16 years. Andre gained valuable experience whilst working in various specialized units in the police that concentrated on serious and violent crimes. Andre’s eye for detail and vast informer network lead him to be appointed to the management team of tactical operations in respect of reconnaissance, information gathering and execution of prospects relating to high priority crime such as armed robbery, murder, vehicle hijacking and illegal weapons possession.
Andre felt a need to further his professional career in the business sector and since 2007 holds the position of manager of covert operations at Justicia Investigations.

Dale Horne, Whistle Blowers Director: Operations


DALE HORNE joined the Group in 2003 in a crime prevention capacity in the retail sector. Having gathered valuable experience in intelligence gathering over a number of years, he was seconded to the Whistle Blowers Call Centre in 2005.

Dale took over the operational reigns, initially as General Manager, during which time he led the way towards Whistle Blowers receiving accreditation with the Ethics Institute of South Africa annually since 2010.

In addition to offering a local call centre destination to international clients, having travelled internationally extensively, Dale has expanded Whistle Blowers worldwide with the establishment of a call centre in Bangalore,India operating in the Indian subcontinent languages and dialects, for ease of disclosure in this market.

Bimal Rambarath, Director: Human Resources


Bimal entered the security industry in 1996. In 2005, he was head hunted and joined the Symbiotix Group of companies as a payroll clerk. His vast experience in the security industry and his dedication to accuracy and fairness in a complex payroll environment soon escalated him to a management position. Bimal’s hands-on approach has been key to GSA maintaining an exemplary record with PSIRA over the years. With his strong administrative skills and professional management of Human Resources, Bimal is a key figure who enhances our happy team.

Bimal’s dedication and desire to learn led to him completing his B Comm degree in Financial Management and under the keen eye of our Financial Director, Bimal was earmarked for a position on the Executive. The start of 2018 saw him becoming a Partner and Director in the security-related companies within the group, Guarding SA, Guarding SA Gauteng and Justicia Investigations.