Crime Prevention Units

Guarding South Africa (GSA) management’s promise to its customer is that its security officers will protect the company’s’ assets to the best of their ability.

To ensure this promise is upheld, GSA have appointed sister company Justicia Investigations to test their security solutions by means of an undercover crime prevention team (CPU). This is where the crime prevention team operates.

The crime prevention team operates in unmarked vehicles and in civilian dress code, randomly targeting sites that GSA protects, with a view to assessing the security to establish if there are any breaches. Security officers and systems are tested for weakness.



One of the advantages of a crime prevention unit is that they operate in plain clothes and therefore are not restricted by the same factors that impact uniformed officers. Additionally, crime prevention unit members are adept at managing covert crime prevention and intelligence gathering operations.

In the security world the axiom “knowledge is power” holds especially true.

The unfortunate reality is that currently the balance of power tends to lie with the criminal element – they know more about an organisation’s security systems and strengths and weaknesses now, than is known about them at any given time. The only way to swing this balance is through counter intelligence. To achieve this, the CPU concept was conceived. This team is managed by sister company Justicia Investigations, a value added service with no additional cost to the client.

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