To be confident that GSA personnel are honest and have integrity, GSA polygraph all potential guards and will only consider employing guards who have passed their polygraphs.

During a polygraph, the polygraphist asks the potential candidates questions which enable the polygraphist to determine whether they are part of a syndicate or have committed any crimes. Our polygraphists have uncovered some scary facts from potential candidates.

Furthermore Guarding SA has stipulated as part of its employment contract that employees will be tested randomly while on the job (referred to as periodic testing)
to ensure the highest levels of service and integrity in maintained.

Incident testing is done from time to time and this occurs
when an incident warrants an investigation.

Frans Manager of Covert Operations

FransFRANS VAN BILJON worked in the South African Police Services for a period of twelve years, ending his police career as a Captain after spending several years as a forensic fieldworker. He completed a National Diploma in Police Administration and received specialised training with the SA Criminal Bureau as a fingerprint expert, police photographer, video operator and plan drawer.

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Featured Case File

case-stockOnce diligent pre-employment checks have been conducted (check for criminal record, qualifications, past employment history) it makes sense to consider requesting that the candidate take a pre employment polygraph test.

To undergo such a test is not legally enforceable and no-one can be forced to take a polygraph test. However, most people with a clear conscience are only too keen to prove their innocence of criminal activities.

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Featured Case File

Escape AttemptDuring a normal search process at an industrial site, a would be employee thief was surprised by GSA security when a security officer located items, stolen from the factory, strapped to his ankles.

Once the suspect realised he had been caught, he pushed security officers aside and attempted to make an escape by jumping out of the security office window.

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