Guarding Recruitment & Selection

Our group’s foundation in the field of intelligence gathering (Justicia Investigations) is always evident in the manner in which we recruit, deploy and manage our staff.

Our approach to contractual security enables us to manage people, procedures, intelligence and technology in a manner that achieves real value and peace of mind for our clients. Our expertise and innovative methods allow us to effectively implement competent and refined security solutions across a wide spectrum of industries and markets.

When choosing a security company, many factors play a role in your decision,
but how do you know if the solution that you have chosen is the right one for you
or your company?

How do you know that the guard at your front gate is not actually part of a syndicate, planning to clear out your business or home?

The best way to ensure the most reliable security service is to place the best possible candidate in the position. That is why Guarding SA relies on extensive screening processes when hiring and undertakes intensive candidate evaluations for specific jobs.


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