Security Risk Assessment


Guarding South Africa (GSA) assures the safety and security of your people, property and customers through the customised integration of technology and professional personnel, delivering guaranteed value and peace of mind. Our Integrated Asset Protection is made up of six (6) key elements that we will apply to your business to create a master plan for your security program:

1. Site Assessment

GSA will conduct an in-depth survey of your facility that includes:

  • a risk analysis based on “Best Security Practices”
  • a review of the architectural and environmental layout relative to provision of safe and secure conditions
  • an analysis of demographics and incidents that have an impact on your facility
  • A report is then drafted listing facility improvement suggestions.

3. Electronics

GSA’s technical team will evaluate your current electronic security systems against your needs and offer recommendations on improving your current systems. Replacing current systems or adding new state-of-the-art technology may increase the overall integrity of the security program by integrating various systems which in turn can result in reduced operating costs.

2. Policy & Procedure Review

GSA will assess your current security policies and compare them to the site assessment. We will then assess the procedures by which the established policies are enforced, and explore avenues to improve productivity of the security staff. Recommendations will be listed that can improve the overall integrity of your security, in many cases this can be achieved without increasing costs.

4. Intelligence

A detailed assessment of your internal intelligence gathering capacity and level of business intelligence protection will be conducted.

5. Security Staffing

GSA will evaluate the current security officer postings and staffing along with the above-listed elements, and make recommendations on improvements.

6. Transitional Planning

GSA begins every contract with a Transitional Planning exercise. A successful implementation is essential to building credibility and confidence for our clients, so we commit time and resources necessary to effect a smooth transition. To achieve this goal we assign a management transition team to develop a written timetable and measurable goals and objectives for transition
activities. The Transitional Planning program includes:

  • Thorough review of your facility to determine your specific security needs
  • Performance evaluation of existing security systems
  • Risk assessments of your site
  • Development of a detailed security officer instruction and training manual
  • Selective officer recruiting and careful screening
  • Classroom orientation and screening
  • On-site training of officers and supervisors
  • Testing and review of officer knowledge
  • This transition plan is always tailored to your specific needs.

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