Undercover Agents

Every effort is made during the recruitment process to ensure that our guards are trustworthy. We even go the extra mile by infiltrating undercover agents amongst our guards to “keep an eye” on employees and ensure they are not being drawn into criminal activities.

GSA management understands the threats to any client it protects. Syndicates regularly target security in view of breaching the first line of defense. This is achieved through befriending and offering financial incentives to the security officials. Internal staff, like-wise befriend security and win them over.

Andre Visser Manager of Covert Operations

andre-visserANDRE VISSER served in the South African Police Service for 16 years. Find out more about Andre by clicking the link below.

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Dishonest staff and syndicates monitor security closely in order to identify a weakness such as the security officer’s failure to patrol, sleeping on duty, being under the influence of alcohol/drugs or deserting his post prior to his replacement arriving.  These factors all place the client’s assets at risk.

The placement of undercover operatives plays a vital proactive role in bringing possible approaches or breaches to light.



Undercover agents are an invaluable source of information regarding weak links within the security network and can provide information on whether security protocols are being maintained, thereby ensuring an ongoing audit of security operations. In many cases our undercover agents are infiltrated into actual security operations, while they perform standard security officer duties. They are also utilized to ensure the integrity of the security compliment at a client’s business by reporting on potential collusion between security officers and criminal elements.

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