Whistle Blowers

Honesty and integrity is a culture that is instilled in every Guarding South Africa (GSA) employee.  

All security officers are inducted in the concept of whistleblowing and each employee has access to a toll free number, which can be used to report any matter that they may feel necessary to report. They are protected by the Protected Disclosure Act and may remain anonymous, should they choose to.

Any disclosure is documented and the identity of every whistleblower is protected. Reports are generated and directed to the Managing Director (MD) for further investigation.



Should a matter reported be of an incident in progress, the caller can be patched through to the MD who can deal with the matter in real time.

Management understands that there is a possibility that a Security officer may wish to report misdemeanors of a colleague or even a manager, but may fear intimidation or reprisal and therefore access to such a facility is imperative.


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