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Guarding South Africa (GSA) is not simply a Guarding Company. Initiated by Justicia Investigations, South Africa’s premier investigation firm, Guarding South Africa is able to offer physical security providing clients with a complete and unbiased range of services to deal with their particular risk profile on a national level.

Whatever the circumstances, the GSA team has built on a foundation of honesty, integrity and impartiality and has strategically positioned itself to be able to service all the specialised security needs of a potential client, without being restricted by factors that drive most traditional security companies.


Guarding Services

Guarding South Africa (GSA) does not regard itself as a run of the mill guarding company. We provide physical security services based on specific client requirements and our group’s foundation in the field of intelligence gathering is always evident in the manner in which we recruit, train and manage our staff. Our approach to contract security therefore embraces people, procedures, intelligence and technology to achieve real value and peace of mind while effectively offering a “package” of security solutions.


Risk Assessment

Guarding South Africa (GSA) assures the safety and security of your people, property and customers through the customised integration of technology and professional personnel, delivering guaranteed value and peace of mind. Our Integrated Asset Protection  is made up of six (6) key elements that we will apply to your business to create a master plan for your  security program.



To be confident that GSA personnel are honest and have integrity, GSA polygraph all potential guards and will only consider employing guards who have passed their polygraphs. During a polygraph, the polygraphist asks the potential candidates questions which enable the polygraphist to determine whether they are part of a syndicate or have committed any crimes. Our polygraphists have uncovered some scary facts from potential candidates.

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