CCTV Surveillance Management

Guarding South Africa specialises in the optimisation and management of CCTV surveillance technology in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

We help our clients maximise the benefit of existing CCTV hardware, provide independent advice that guides procurement from hardware vendors and manage both onsite and offsite surveillance systems.

We specialise in the
optimisation and management
of onsite and offsite CCTV
surveillance systems.


Our experts help you maximise the value of any current technology and design cost-effective new solutions where required. Our first priority is to guide you to make the most of any existing investment. As we do not sell CCTV equipment you can be sure that our recommendations for changes or for new solutions are only in your best interests.


CCTV is an increasingly cost-effective method of guarding and suited to almost every workplace. We offer ongoing, independent management of your CCTV system regardless of whether we provide your physical guarding service. In fact, we recommend a strong separation of duties between your CCTV operations and your guards.

If you are contemplating the procurement of new hardware, please let us guide your strategic needs assessment before you go to the equipment suppliers for quotes.  Our expert recommendations are free of any conflict of interests and ensure that when you go to the market for quotes you can easily compare apples with apples.

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