A South African company that proudly complies with the laws of our country and the best practices of our profession.

In keeping with our values of professionalism and integrity we are proud of our commitment to the wide range of regulations governing our industry and the employment of guards.

‘The only people who count are those who can be counted on’.

Henry Frederick Cope
(1870 – 1923)



We strongly support the principles embodied in South Africa’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment regulations and are proud to have achieved the status of

  • B-BBEE Level 2 | Qualifying Small Enterprise
  • At least 51% black owned and at least 30 black woman owned

This means that our clients enjoy 125% procurement spend recognition towards their own B-BBEE scorecards from their investment in our service.



Our registration with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) guarantees our compliance with and support for the PSiRA mission, which is to protect the constitutional rights of all people to life, safety and dignity through the effective promotion and regulation of the private security industry. This means that we are subject to the requirements of the Private Security Industry Regulation Act (Act No 56 of 2001) and the PSiRA code of conduct.



Enjoy the ease and confidence with which you can add Guarding South Africa to your procurement database through our registration on and reports of our compliance available from the National Treasury Central Supplier Database.



Through our membership of the General, Domestic and Professional Employers Organisation (GDPEO) we are represented in the National Bargaining Council the Private Security Sector (NBCPSS), ensuring that the conditions of employment enjoyed by our guards meet or exceed the legislative requirements.