Securing the safety of your premises and people with the best combination of guards, technology and intelligence.


Guarding South Africa delivers superior security risk assessments, guarding services and CCTV monitoring across diverse sectors.

Our expert risk assessment and guard selection and guard management practices set Guarding South Africa apart from the competition.

Our Core Services

Security Risk

Our crime prevention expertise is used to tailor-make solutions.


Our carefully selected guards are suited to all environments.

CCTV Surveillance

We optimise and manage onsite and offsite CCTV systems.

The Guarding Difference

Expert Risk

We apply detective skills and intelligence to identify security weaknesses, and minimise risks and costs with a combination of personnel and technology.

Guard Selection

In-depth screening, polygraph integrity verification and senior management involvement applies to every appointment.

Superior Guard

Security professionals with proven expertise in crime prevention manage and regularly reskill our guards.

Guard Integrity

Random integrity assessments take place and all guards have access to a dedicated ethics hotline



Securing your premises and people is our profession. We bring investigative intelligence to the design of solutions and resolution of incidents. Our staff are meticulously screened, trained and monitored.

Honesty and

These are not just words for us. You trust us with your assets and we play a 24-hour a day role in your business. This relationship is built on your ability to trust our integrity in all we say and do.

Reliability and

Our 24-hour control room, specialist supervision, quick response of senior management to incident reaction and ease of staff redeployment assure you of our constant presence.


B-BBEE Level 2 | QSE

Our clients enjoy 125% procurement recognition towards their B-BBEE scorecards. We are 51% black owned and at least 30% black woman owned.

PSiRA registered

Our PSiRA registration is not just box ticking, our approach is fully aligned to PSiRA’s mission of protecting the rights of all to life, safety and dignity.

GDPEO member

Our membership of the GDPEO means that our guard conditions of employment meet and exceed the legal requirements of the Bargaining Council.

NT CSD compliant

Our NT CSD registration offers state-affiliated clients ease when adding Guarding South Africa to their supplier databases.


November 26, 2019
Protect Your Premises From Surge In After-Hours Armed Attacks
There has been a recent surge in the theft of large quantities of product and equipment from business premises by armed robbers, and Guarding South Africa is sharing the advice we are giving our clients on how to foil such attacks. This is especially important information for those of you who for budget reasons are […]
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June 3, 2019
Be aware: Syndicates targeting Durban business premises after-hours
Providing our services across multiple locations, Guarding South Africa is well-placed to monitor crime patterns and has the added advantage of tapping into the expertise of the Justicia Investigations team to evaluate risk and provide preventative solutions. This helps us bring our clients’ attention to new and increased security risks, meaning that they can take steps to prevent avoidable loss.
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June 22, 2015
Guarding SA security guard praised for exceptional service
An alert GSA Security Officer saved a construction company he was hired to protect from suffering a substantial loss of building material. This occurred in the early hours of the morning when an 8 ton truck arrived to remove building material. The security officer bravely confronted the would be thieves even though he was out numbered. They made a hasty retreat but not before the GSA security officer got the registration of the truck.
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