A South African company that delivers a superior yet competitive security risk management service.

Guarding South Africa was registered as a company in 2004 but its history starts in 1993 with the formation of Justicia Investigations.

During Justicia’s first decade, its professional detectives repeatedly found that many crimes against their clients could have been prevented by intelligence-driven guarding services. This was the origin of The Guarding Difference.

Today the company forms part of the Symbiotix Group of three companies: Justicia Investigations, Guarding South Africa and Whistle Blowers. By leveraging the shared specialist expertise and shared support services within the Symbiotix Group, Guarding South Africa is able to provide its clients with a superior service at a competitive price.

Did you know?

The English word ‘symbiosis’ was the inspiration for the name of our group of companies, Symbiotix. The Greek word symbíōsis was adopted by the science community to refer to a state of partnership and co-existence for mutual benefit by different organisms.

The Symbiotix Group logo is inspired not only by the term symbiosis, but by the related concept of synergy which was so well described in the famous saying of Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle:

‘The whole is greater than the sum of the parts’.

Any guarding service is provided in a fast-changing environment. The strategies of individual criminals and crime syndicates evolve continuously. By applying our up-to-date investigative insights to the identification of your ongoing guarding needs, we can better anticipate and counter threats to your business.