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Polygraph Case Study

GSA polygraphs all potential applicants. Many candidates make it through the initial interview process but are turned away after failing a polygraph examination.

Frans Van Biljon, polygraphist, recalls one case where he checked an applicant for a criminal record using his ID number. The applicant’s credentials came all matched and his references checked out. However, he failed the polygraph examination. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the applicant had used a false ID number and had pre-planned all his references. We also discovered that he was out on parole at the time of the interview and was a well-known criminal!

The position for which he had applied, was a highly responsible one in the company’s control room. Not discovering this information could have led to the leaking of crucial and confidential information, allowing room for manipulation of information and thefts to take place while covering up for the syndicate for which he was working.

Do you know who you’ve hired?