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Surprise blitz by Guarding SA security leads to arrest of subcontractor for theft of cabling

GSA secures a construction site by having  security officers strategically placed,  as well as controlling access and egress.

The suspect, an employee of a sub-contractor, thought he was safe to leave with stolen property after wrapping stolen cable around his body. Unfortunately for the thief, GSA staff were one step ahead. As added value to this guarding contract, GSA used the services of their sister company Justicia Investigations to infiltrate an undercover operative amongst the security compliment.

This operative was placed for this very reason, as GSA was aware that the risk factor varied from a LOW risk at the beginning of construction to HIGH risk when valuable items like cabling were brought onto site.

The undercover agent identified  a possible breach in security in that the security complement could not cope with the volume of contract staff leaving the property and adequate searches could not be conducted.

During the weekly meeting with the client, GSA management recommended a sting operation. The client agreed and a team from GSA was put together, positioning themselves close, but out of site of the personnel leaving the site. When the time was right the agent gave the signal and the team spread out, forming a net to enclose the site so that orderly and thorough searches could be conducted.

A sheepish looking sub contract employee was arrested for the theft of cable and an employee was found with dagga in his possession. Due to the client’s zero tolerance stance to theft and drugs, both individuals were arrested and handed to the police where they were charged and detained.